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Gordon T. Wegwart

President and Chief Investment Officer

Gordon T. Wegwart

Phone: 919-490-6717 ext. 109

In 1996, Mr. Wegwart co-founded Verity Financial Group and Verity Asset Management with three other principals and has occupied a central role in the firm’s development as its unique business model evolved and its geographic footprint expanded nationally.

As Chief Investment Officer, he spearheaded the conceptualization of the firm’s proprietary tactical allocation strategy and risk management processes between 1998 and 2001 and has led the continued evolution of that strategy to the present. Beginning in 2005, he was instrumental in translating the signature characteristics of that investment process to the discretionary management of retirement accounts for plan participants and to the application of that process across retirement platforms of various types nationwide.

Mr. Wegwart graduated summa cum laude from Duke University in 1976 and launched directly into an entrepreneurial career, spending 5 years as co-founder and principal of diverse businesses before narrowing his focus to the financial services industry in 1981.