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Fiduciary Support

Whether your plan is subject to ERISA, or not, a successful retirement plan must meet the needs of the plan sponsor and the participants. Our holistic service approach will guide you through a review of the three key elements of successful plan administration.

Every step of the way, we’ll help you ask the right questions, and make the right decisions for your unique plan environment.

  • Are you an ERISA plan fiduciary?

  • Do you have sufficient fiduciary support from a credentialed expert?

  • Can you demonstrate prudent oversight of plan operations under audit?

  • Are your current plan expenses “reasonable”, as required under 408(b)(2)?

  • Are your participants on track to meet their personal retirement readiness objectives?

  • What are your liabilities as a plan fiduciary?

  • Can you assign fiduciary duty to an outside party?

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