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Retirement Account Solutions Forms

Participant Accounts: TIAA-CREF


Access forms through TIAA On-line Advisor Access
This is the most current and most complete source of TIAA forms.
If you do not have log-in access, follow the ‘register for full access to the site’ link. You will need your TIAA APIN and your social security number to proceed.

- Authorization to Access
- Fee Billing Authorization - Defined Contribution
- Fee Billing Authorization - IRA
- TX ORP Fee Billing Agreement

Verity Workplace Model

You can now get investment choices on the TIAA Public site for each plan. Go to (do not log in) and click on the “What We Offer” tab: select Retirement plan annuities under “Performance Data” on the right side of the page. When the page loads look at the top left of the filters box and you will see where you can enter a Plan Number. Type in the 6 digit number and hit “Enter”; you will see the name of the institution load and then scroll down to review investment choices.

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Fidelity Workplace Forms

Fidelity Forms

Fidelity TEM Advisor Services: (888) 766-6815
Fidelity Client Services: (800) 343-0860
- 403b Online Enrollment
- Fidelity NetBenefits Form Library
- RIA Authorization/Indemnifcation (Employer Plan Accounts)

Fidelity Brokerage Link Forms
Verity Asset Management Forms

Fidelity IWS Forms

Verity provides managed account services for individual retail accounts on the Fidelity Institutional Wealth Services platform.

TIAA Forms

TIAA Forms
Verity Asset Management Forms

Schwab Forms

Personal Choice Retirement Accounts

With a Schwab Personal Choice Retirement Account® (PCRA), you can invest in a retirement plan with the freedom of a brokerage account.

A Schwab PCRA is a self-directed brokerage account (SDBA) that resides within your employer-sponsored retirement plan. In addition to the choices typically offered by retirement plans, PCRA lets you invest in a much wider range of investments.

Schwab is restricted from providing advice on PCRAs; however, your retirement plan may allow you to appoint an independent advisor.

Verity Asset Management Forms

Pentegra Forms

Pentegra offers investment solutions for every type of investor. Recognizing the diverse investment needs of participants, we offer access to thousands of funds with no proprietary fund requirements. Participants enjoy the ease of a single, flexible solution for personalized retirement investing with the confidence that comes with unlimited, unbiased fund options and objective advice. Our open architecture platform means that your participants are free to work with the advisor of their choice to select the investment funds that are right for them and tailor an asset allocation that best meets their long-term retirement goals.

Submit this for to become appointed with Pentegra.

Texas Higher Education

Texas Consortium of Community Colleges

Texas K-12

Service Forms

Aspire Forms

ASPire is an open-architecture mutual fund environment available to participants in hundreds of school districts throughout the country. Verity is a Strategist on the ASPire platform offerring a selection of managed models available through advisors.