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Foundations & Endowments

Since the beginning of 2000, many endowments and foundations have struggled with the impact of the market’s major upheavals, and in the process, the investment environment has fundamentally changed.

Verity’s uncommonly well-diversified tactical allocation process was years ahead of its time in integrating some of the more effective features of certain major university endowments. Initially developed in the late 1990’s, our very well-reasoned and adaptable approach has successfully delivered enhanced risk management and continuity of performance relative to older strategic allocation methodologies.

For organizations which are developing or modifying investment policy statements to effectively address the unique challenges of today’s investment markets, and who seek effective alignment with the investment managers who may be implementing those policies, good communication is vital. We bring to that conversation a group of individuals with an unusual blend of experience that encompasses:

  • Investment management with a demonstrated record of insightful adaptation to varying market environments.
  • Executive oversight covering investment and spending policies for more than 20 endowments and foundations holding over $1 billion in assets.

We welcome inquiries into the nature and breadth of the services we are able to provide.