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Integrating Participant Advice

Since 1996, Verity has served universities, teaching hospitals, community colleges, and public school systems and their retirement plan participants. We are best known for serving the not-for-profit segment, working with plan sponsors or participants in over 200 educational institutions across the country.

We can offer employers knowledgeable and up-to-date expertise to support their stewardship roles, assist with regulatory compliance, and support internal staff. With a sometimes frequently changing regulatory environment and staffing challenges across the non-profit world, our compliance support can be a cost-effective solution to risk management objectives.

The challenges facing plan participants

Retirement readiness is a growing concern, and plan participants can greatly benefit from maximizing the opportunities found in their employer’s retirement savings program. Yet frequently, participants find themselves frozen in indecision as they seek to navigate issues of product quality, expenses, performance, diversification, and management of risk.

Our goal is to provide a resource for employers and their plan participants, with a hope of bringing an understanding of options and clarity to the decision-making process.

Employee empowerment and retirement readiness have become driving issues, and plan sponsors who are looking for solutions to help their employees better prepare for retirement may have interest in a conversations centered around innovative approaches to enhance employee education and opportunities to provide non-intrusive sources of independent advice, all in the interest of helping individual employees meet their personal retirement goals.