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Since 1996, Verity Asset Management, Inc. has focused on delivering superior investment planning and account management services from an independent perspective. During that period, the firm has worked closely with retirement plan participants at educational institutions of all types including universities, hospitals, community colleges, and public school systems.


Strong client relationships are the core of our business. As of 2008, over 32% of the individual clients on our advisory services platform have been with our firm for over 10 years; another 25% have been clients for over five years. Our clients have come to trust our investment management in good markets and challenging environments. We continue developing new relationships built on trust, integrity, and effective communication.


As in 2000-2002, the events of 2007-2009 have again brought the importance of truly sound investment advice sharply into focus. Effective investing is a process of considering risk and potential reward while seeking to overweight the odds of success by strategically limiting the downside. Verity’s team of seasoned professionals combine advanced industry credentials with extensive market experience. Diverse backgrounds and propensity for independent thinking bring valuable perspective to Investment Committee discussions.


As an independent Registered Investment Adviser, Verity has developed strong relationships with other industry leaders. In the 403(b) marketplace, Verity’s advisory platform integrates directly with both TIAA-CREF and Fidelity Investments to provide elective advisory services for 403(b) participants at institutions nationally where advisor integration is permitted. Verity has a strong commitment to staying current on industry trends through active participation in professional organizations, national conferences, and interaction with credentialed legal counsel and government officials.

Investment Management

  • Philosophy. The primary approach is a broad tactical asset allocation methodology. We seek diversification across multiple weakly correlated asset classes while pursuing an advantage by investing more heavily in segments of the market demonstrating legitimately attractive valuations or in recognition of other pricing anomalies where there are definable trends supported by those factors.

  • Investment Process. Target allocations and security selection are determined by a six member Investment Committee which meets approximately every eight weeks. Trading of accounts is implemented under the supervision of our firm’s Chief Investment Officer. Interim adjustments to allocation strategies are made, as needed, based upon weekly monitoring of shorter term market activity and economic data by a four member sub-committee. The Investment Committee begins each meeting with a top down assessment of domestic and global economic and market conditions within the context of both secular and cyclical trends. The resulting outlook is used to determine allocation objectives such as equity exposure, relative weighting of domestic / foreign / emerging markets positions, and particular focus on regions or sectors.

  • Risk Management. Tactical asset allocation integrates diversification across multiple asset classes with careful attention to the valuation of selected asset classes on both a relative and absolute basis. Next, attention is directed to the general degree of correlation among those asset classes and any indications that those correlations may be changing over time.

  • Investment Committee. Our Investment Committee is a unique combination of multi-faceted investment management experience, equity and commodities trading experience, conventional investment training, and self-taught market tested independent outlooks. The resulting team delivers diverse strengths, conceptual checks and balances, and independent thinking that have collectively been the foundation for our firm’s consistency and success through varying market conditions.