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Our 403(b) Story


Since 1996, Verity Asset Management has provided comprehensive 403(b) account management to hundreds of faculty and staff at leading institutions including doctors, health care workers and educators. During that period, the firm has become uniquely integrated and widely respected in the 403(b) marketplace. As the 403(b) marketplace has evolved, Verity has remained at the forefront of both regulatory issues and innovations in investment planning services.

We have developed strong relationships with other industry leaders in the 403(b) marketplace. With the aid of our proprietary technology, Verity’s advisory platform integrates directly with both Fidelity Investments and TIAA-CREF to provide elective advisory services to 403(b) plan participants at institutions where advisor integration is permitted. Advisory fees are generally deducted on a pretax and non-reportable basis. We tailor our portfolios for each unique 403(b) plan and investment lineup.

Contact Verity Asset Management to learn more about how our 403(b) advisory platform can help you offer more services to your clients and provide more time to grow your business in the 403(b) marketplace.

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