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Are targeted to clients who are sophisticated, sensitive to risk, and in search of creative solutions. They are …

    • Specialized
    • Risk management focused, and
    • Built on sound principles / Disciplined processes

Three Dimensional Portfolio Construction

Modern approaches to portfolio construction, where skillfully applied, can produce effective results. However, most operate in only two dimensions:

    • They provide asset class diversification, and
    • They seek to match your portfolio to your desired level of risk.

Our approach brings a new and potentially powerful third dimension:

    • Style diversification – which can provide a new layer to your portfolio diversification and expand your opportunities for growth.

Style Diversification

Our various strategies are each implemented by managers who use distinctly different approaches to their craft. As examples, there are strategies built upon:

    • Rigorous fundamental analysis of equities and/or debt,
    • Principles-based tactical allocation, and
    • Disciplined quantitative processes

Customized Solutions

By carefully blending strategies in a manner suitable for your particular goals, we have the ability to develop solutions customized for you

All investing involves risk of loss. Portfolio values will fluctuate with changing market conditions, and there is no guarantee that strategies that have been successful in the past will be similarly successful in the future. This material contains forward looking statements. There is no guarantee these outcomes will be achieved or that the principles and strategies illustrated will prove as successful in the future as they may have in the past. All investing involves risk of loss, and portfolio values will fluctuate with changing market conditions. Before investing in any strategy, please review Verity’s Form ADV Part 2 for more detailed information on investment strategies, risks, and fees.

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