For Investors

Growing wealth in the real world

The dramatic market upheavals of the past decade have brought the importance of truly sound investment management clearly into focus. Verity has built its reputation on the delivery of carefully developed and consistently effective active account management to investors of all types, both in their private accounts and in their retirement plan accounts.

Gordon T. Wegwart
President, Chief Investment Officer

Individual Managed Accounts

Verity’s tactical asset allocation models employ a uniquely broad range of asset classes and investment strategies in a manner that seeks to adjust to changing market circumstances. The firm’s proprietary investment process is focused on maximizing the probability of successful outcomes for each investor and utilizes multiple tools to manage downside risk.

Employer Sponsored Retirement Accounts

A pioneer in providing retirement plan participants with professional management of their employer-based accounts, Verity has witnessed a growing national awareness of the quality of its services in the higher education market, and is rapidly expanding account management services to other public and private retirement plan participants.