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Integrating Participant Advice

Since 1996, Verity has served universities, teaching hospitals, community colleges and public school systems and their individual retirement participants through delivery of superior independent investment planning, account management and compliance support services. Verity is well known in the marketplace for serving the not-for-profit segment, working with plan sponsors or participants in more than 150 higher education institutions across the country.

Verity offers employers strong, knowledgeable and up-to-date expertise to support their stewardship role, assist with regulatory compliance and support internal staff. With a constantly changing regulatory environment and staffing reductions across the higher education and non-profit world, Verity’s compliance support can provide strong and cost-effective support to achieve risk management objectives.

The challenges facing plan participants

Participants need to maximize their employer’s retirement savings plan to meet their retirement goals. Yet frequently, participants are unaware of access to independent advice and are left to navigate a wide range of investment products without enough objective information to make adequate comparisons and to determine relative quality, expense, performance, and risk management considerations.

At Verity, our primary goal is to provide investors with a well-founded sense of confidence which comes from clarity on what decisions are being made, and why, based on a complete understanding of the options, differences and relative merits of the chosen course of action.

Sponsors are also looking for solutions to help their employees prepare for retirement. Employee empowerment is a driving issue, and sponsors can benefit from creating an environment that allows employees to select their own fiduciary advisor to get the individual guidance they need to achieve their personal goals.